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A kitchen island is a great solution for storage and work space issues! Because they are not built in like traditional cabinetry, they can be repositioned in your kitchen as your needs change. The butcher board work surface is not only durable and refinishable, but it provides the extra counter space you need. Add wheels to your island for maximum versatility.

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Bloc de Foyer (SKU: RN-BF)Bloc de Foyer (SKU: RN-BF)
Buffalo River Island (SKU: 4440)Buffalo River Island (SKU: 4440)
Caddo Creek Island (SKU: 4842)Caddo Creek Island (SKU: 4842)
Calais (SKU: PV-CA-4224)Calais (SKU: PV-CA-4224)
Cane Creek Island (SKU: 4435)Cane Creek Island (SKU: 4435)
Caney Creek Island (SKU: 4235)Caney Creek Island (SKU: 4235)
Cary Avium Island (SKU: 4412)Cary Avium Island (SKU: 4412)
Cossatot Island (SKU: 4880)Cossatot Island (SKU: 4880)
Eliptical C-Table (SKU: C-ELIP)Eliptical C-Table (SKU: C-ELIP)
Gathering Block (SKU: CU-GB)Gathering Block (SKU: CU-GB)
Grazzi - Cherry Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: CHY-GRZ-AL)Grazzi - Cherry Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: CHY-GRZ-AL)
Grazzi - Edge Grain Maple (SKU: GRZ)Grazzi - Edge Grain Maple (SKU: GRZ)
Grooved Block Kitchen Island (SKU: GRVBLOCK)Grooved Block Kitchen Island (SKU: GRVBLOCK)
Harvest Table (SKU: CU-HAR)Harvest Table (SKU: CU-HAR)
Homestead Block (SKU: HMST)Homestead Block (SKU: HMST)
Homestead Block - Cherry Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: CHY-HMST-AL)Homestead Block - Cherry Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: CHY-HMST-AL)
Homestead Block - Walnut Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: WAL-HMST-AL)Homestead Block - Walnut Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: WAL-HMST-AL)
Jasmine Block (SKU: JASMN)Jasmine Block (SKU: JASMN)
Maple Kindred Island (SKU: KIN-MI)Maple Kindred Island (SKU: KIN-MI)
Moro Island (SKU: 4223)Moro Island (SKU: 4223)
Pebble Creek Island (SKU: 4208)Pebble Creek Island (SKU: 4208)
Proteak Facegrain Island (SKU: 708)Proteak Facegrain Island (SKU: 708)
Ray River Island (SKU: 4244)Ray River Island (SKU: 4244)
Rustica - Walnut Top, Alabaster base (SKU: WAL-CUCR-AL)Rustica - Walnut Top, Alabaster base (SKU: WAL-CUCR-AL)
Rustica -Cherry Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: CHY-CURC-AL)Rustica -Cherry Top, Alabaster Base (SKU: CHY-CURC-AL)
Rustica -Cherry Top, Black Base (SKU: RN-LR)Rustica -Cherry Top, Black Base (SKU: RN-LR)
Sandy Creek Island (SKU: 4206)Sandy Creek Island (SKU: 4206)
Tuscan Island (SKU: TUSI)Tuscan Island (SKU: TUSI)
Vineyard Island (SKU: 4238)Vineyard Island (SKU: 4238)
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